Company setup (Mainland, Offshore & Free zone)

Company setup (Mainland, Offshore & Free zone)

Welcoming you to Emirates Advocates and Legal Consultants, we are redefining the legal landscape for company establishment within the UAE across the mainland offshore, mainland, and Free Zone jurisdictions. Through our legal expertise, the entrepreneurial dreams of your business are not restricted by borders.

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The Mastery of Mainland

explore the bustling business hubs on the UAE mainland effortlessly with our expert legal specialists. We can provide complete support to ensure your company’s setup complies with local laws while maximizing potential growth.

Offshore excellence

Begin your global business adventure with our offshore experience. Profit from our strategic assistance and a simple setup procedure by international standards. This gives your company a global presence.

Free zone advantage

Our custom-designed solutions will allow you to maximize the benefits of incentives while enjoying unmatched flexibility regarding free zones. Our professionals will apply their experience to assist you in understanding every free zone’s distinct opportunity and ensure the success of your business.

Select Emirates Advocates to enjoy a flexible, seamless, complete, and easy company setup experience tailored to offshore, mainland, and Free Zone jurisdictions within the UAE.

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