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Legal Translation

Our in-house Legal Translation Dubai Department is an invaluable asset to our Legal Services Company. Our team of experienced legal translators ensures that our attorneys, emirates advocate legal consultant, and other legal service providers have the necessary tools and resources to accurately respond to all memorandums and legal documents. With a fully-equipped translation team, we are able to provide fast, reliable translations that are accurate and legally sound.

We ensure that every word is as accurate and legally binding in its translated language as it is in the original, to provide the best possible defense and emirates advocate legal consultant.

At emirates Advocates, we strive to ensure that our Legal Translation Dubai is as accurate and legally binding as possible. We use the latest AI-driven technologies and highly trained linguists to guarantee that all of our translations are precise and up-to-date. Our team is dedicated to providing the best possible defense and commercial legal services through our commitment to excellence in translation accuracy.

Legal Translation Dubai

Legal Translation Dubai

Welcome to emirates Advocates, your go-to legal services provider in Dubai and UAe. Our experienced lawyers offer comprehensive legal solutions tailored to the unique needs and requirements of each client, from translation services to tailored legal solutions designed to ensure they meet those requirements. We take great pride in meeting them all with the utmost professionalism.


emirates Advocates is a premier Legal Services Company in Dubai and the UAe, offering businesses and individuals alike a full range of legal services including Corporate & Commercial Legal Services, Commercial, Criminal & Labour Disputes , family/family law services. Our experienced lawyers possess an in-depth knowledge of the Dubai/UAe legal framework, offering practical yet effective legal solutions that help our clients meet their objectives more easily.


emirates Advocates understand the significance of accurate and reliable legal translation services, which is why we provide our services throughout Dubai and the UAe for businesses and individuals alike. Our Legal Services Company covers an array of contracts, agreements, court documents, and more; offering accurate translation services delivered in an on-time fashion to meet our clientele needs.

Legal Services Company

Our team of experienced legal translators in Dubai and the UAe possess a thorough knowledge of legal terminology used here, offering translation services in both Arabic and english for clients; legal documents that meet their exacting specifications and needs. Furthermore, our certified Dubai legal translation services help guarantees their acceptance by relevant authorities throughout Dubai and UAe.

Why Choose emirates Advocates?

emirates Advocates is dedicated to offering our clients the highest standard of legal expertise and customer service. Our team of experienced lawyers and legal translators has an established record of success and is here to provide practical and cost-effective legal solutions that help our clients meet their goals. We pride ourselves on offering transparent services at a competitive cost; always striving towards reaching a positive result for each of our clients.

Contact us now to arrange a consultation with one of our highly experienced lawyers or legal translators and take the first steps toward realizing your legal goals with the aid of our comprehensive legal services in Dubai and UAe, such as legal translation services and offshore Services in Dubai.

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