The bustling Dubai business scene offers businesses a variety of things when it comes to setting up their businesses. One possibility that has been getting a lot of attention recently is the establishment of free zone businesses. They offer a variety of advantages and rewards. Free zone companies in Dubai are raking in huge profits. Learn why entrepreneurs increasingly opt for this type of setup and what Emirates Advocates can help with the procedure.

Why Free Zone Companies Are Winning Big

Understanding Free Zone Companies

Free zones within Dubai are zones where businesses can operate under reduced regulations and favorable conditions. They offer foreign investors complete ownership of their companies, income and corporate tax exemption, 100% repatriation of profits and capital, and a streamlined registration and licensing process.

One of the best advantages of establishing the free zone business in Dubai is the possibility for investors from abroad to have all ownership rights in their companies. It gives entrepreneurs the unrivalled ability to control their activities without having to find the support of a local company.

Free zone businesses get tax breaks on income and corporate taxes for a specific period, usually between 15 and 50 years, based on the zone’s jurisdiction. This substantial tax benefit lets businesses maximize profits and invest capital into expansion and growth initiatives.

Apart from tax benefits, companies in free zones can repatriate all their profits and capital to their home countries without restrictions. It allows entrepreneurs to effectively manage their money, allocate resources appropriately, and not be shackled by bureaucratic obstacles.

The process of establishing Free Zone companies in Dubai is renowned for its ease of use and effectiveness. No paperwork is red, and many free zones offer online registration online registrations. The simplified setup process lets entrepreneurs establish their companies quickly while focusing on their company’s core business.

How Emirates Advocates Can Help

The complexities of creating an enterprise in Dubai’s free zone require expert advice and knowledge of the law. That’s where Emirates Advocates can help. A leading law firm specializing in establishing businesses within Dubai and the UAE, Emirates Advocates offers complete support for entrepreneurs looking to develop a presence in Dubai’s zone at no cost.

Emirates Advocates provides expert legal assistance to entrepreneurs who need help understanding the legal nuances of setting up an entity in a free zone. Our specialist team of lawyers includes advice on picking the appropriate free zone, structuring the firm, and ensuring compliance with local laws.

Emirates Advocates helps streamline the business registration and licensing procedure and meets all requirements, from preparing necessary documents to communicating with authorities and coordinating the setup procedure efficiently and precisely.

Our staff assists clients with drafting and reviewing contracts to ensure that they comply with the law and safeguard our customers’ rights. Whether it’s lease contracts, employment agreements, or agreements with suppliers, Emirates Advocates ensures that our clients’ rights are secured.

Emirates Advocates offers ongoing legal assistance for free zone businesses on legal issues like the law of compliance, dispute resolution, and intellectual property protection. Our team of experts is dedicated to being an advocate and trusted advisor to our clients through their entire company’s experience.

Why Free Zone Companies Are Winning Big


Ultimately, Free zone businesses located in Dubai provide various advantages, making them a desirable alternative for business owners looking to establish their business in the Middle East. With Emirates Advocates at you, the setup process is easy and fast, allowing you to concentrate only on developing and expanding your company. Call us today to learn how we could help you set up your free zone business in Dubai.

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